I Passed on a Condo

A week or two ago, I got the chance to take a look at a condo for a cool $390,000. Honestly, it was nice property in a very desirable part of town where old money is prevalent and the streets are lined with trees. Was it enjoyable? Most definitely. Did I snatch it up? No. Unfortunately, it was underwhelming. This place was on the market for several months now and the price has dropped four other times according to Zillow.

The realtor seemed anxious — a bit desperate. I don’t blame them. It’s the wild wild west out here in Los Angeles and getting potential buyers in this climate is slim to none. People who have missed rent for the past few months will be met with mass evictions once July is over. Everyone is counting on a rent freeze or a second round of stimulus checks, but I highly doubt it. Online gossip is just that — fiction.

Doing the standard 20% down payment would mean I need just $78,000 liquidated from all my holdings to call it mine and not deal with the bullshit that comes with extra mortgage insurance. While I could have used the government’s first time home buyers program, honestly — it sucks. The interest rates are higher and the extra mortgage insurance does nothing for your equity. I can see why it’s attractive for many buyers. With as little as 3% down, you’re in. There’s always a catch though.

This in my opinion makes no sense. Putting down so little for a higher interest rate and insurance every month doesn’t give a lot of confidence you have all your finances together — or more bluntly — you can even afford a place. Take what you will of this, but it sounds like an awfully quick way to have yourself scrounging for money every month to make the payment.

Fuck that shit.

I digress. I’m in no rush and the real estate market here looks like it’s cooling off for once after several years of exponential gains. Patience is key. Timing is everything. I have a very large number of assets invested in a real estate in a trust. While risky, I’m certain the gains out weigh the potential for losses. The government tightened up requirements for home buyers, which makes a second real estate collapse the likes of 2008 very unlikely.

Until next time. Later world.


Opinions of Others 1/26/2019

It’s 3:25 AM in the morning and I came back home from a night out with the guys.

I’ve come to care less and less about what others think of me over time. It’s only the wisest thing to do considering you can’t make everyone like you. You are unique, and not everyone you see or interact with needs to view you favorably. You should always focus on yourself.

That’s not to say you don’t hear a few nice comments from your friends every now and again. While out at our usual spots in Glendale, one of my friends, whom isn’t in my core group, mentioned how — I, out of everyone “does the least amount of shit.”

“Danny got his shit together.” My response: perhaps.

The friends I see on a regular basis don’t have the best habits. They usually drink a ton of alcohol, smoke a lot of weed, and God knows what else is being consumed throughout the night. For a few years, I’ve grown accustom to their less than perfect behavior and general lack of care for their well-being. They’re pleasure seekers. It’s as simple as that.

Somehow in all the chaos, I’ve been able to say no and just have them partake in their quick sessions without me. We still have a good night and their actions don’t in anyway make them bad people. To judge them as such would be unfair. In my eyes, I don’t see that as the life I want or desire. There’s a level of self-control needed to find the path to salvation — if the destination is even clear. To them, they don’t see it as a road like I do. Why would they.

I’m just here to do me and take it all in. If you see me as a friend who has the best habits, I’ll take your complement with a lot of flattery. It’s been a difficult road for myself met with a few setbacks. I’m just hoping I don’t fall short.