Thoughts on Suicide

The following are my thoughts on suicide. For anyone reading this, I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say. The United States has a growing mental health crisis that’s risen exponentially year after year. I can’t offer any reasons why this is the case other than what I am aware of.


For some, the thought of ending their own life is a fixation of the highest magnitude. The perils of living have outweighed the desire to continue on, which it’s a thought that is hard to grasp. To somehow be alive and conscious, but seek the solitude that death brings. It’s terrifying and almost salvation in some sense.

They say the ones who go have no warning signs. That they live normal run of the mill lives that otherwise wouldn’t raise any red flags. Perhaps they seek a therapist, but don’t admit to having suicidal thoughts. You have to ask, why would they? The guilt admitting wanting to go brings a lot of conflicting emotions. Burden is brought on to them and those who know. It’s a lost of autonomy for them. The stigma is too strong, especially with the cloud over mental health as severe as it is in the US. The cynicism that suicide brings makes it seem like death will be their ticket out. A permanent one at that.

Mental health care in the States is a joke. Some believe those who are affected by this illness are easy to spot and clues can be found in their behavior. I’m inclined to believe this couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who are suffering suffer silently. There are no hints, no warning signs, and nothing unusual about them. It happens suddenly when you least suspect it. They are silently dying and suffering.

If the act is unsuccessful, you’re met with high medical costs, time in suicide watch, handcuffed to a bed, court dates, mandatory therapy sessions, and round the clock surveillance. It’s fucked up how we can treat people like this.

There has to be a renewed focus on mental health care and prevention. Not all illnesses are so cut and dry. Emotions come in many forms and levels of intensity. How we can condense the complexity of a person’s mind and thought processes into archaic and systematic steps isn’t a solution. We shouldn’t punish those who are calling out for help — not like this. Ever.

Later world.