Invisible Minds

She can’t see me,

Eyes turned away to deceive me,

Summer skies til dawn for the season,

Have her walk away and she’d leave me,

Darling what is the reason?

The times are gone and beneath me,

Tell me what’s true and we’ll reason,

The souls are torn for our treason,

Lie to me now and I’ll leave for the time being,

Darling tell me the reason,

The thoughts dwell til three,

Up late in the evening and I’m now dreaming,

The past has grabbed hold and I’m not leaving,

Til we part now and I’m not breathing,

Fixations to the mind and I’m not believing,


I’m quite happy with how this poem turned out. Now if the rest of the world would resume, I would be so thankful. One day at a time.


Daydream in Tomorrow

There’s no time to borrow,

You’re dreaming of tomorrow,

Ten years of sorrow,

All the nights that follow,

Somewhere you call her,

Two voices alone that wallow,

Many souls that’s hollow,

No love left to borrow,


Evidently, not everyone is supportive. Honestly, why are there so many critics in my life? There’s a strange pattern with each person I’m noticing. Don’t make me laugh.


Starlight Drifter

I’ll call you my starlight,

Heaven knows it to be true,

Eyes wide open,

Teary of the ocean blue,

You say you don’t love me,

And indeed it could be true,

Somewhere along the horizon,

Lost inside of you,

I’m nearby just floating,

A wave that hasn’t fallen,

Ten years for longing,

Another for the fall,

You say you don’t love me,

Hear me calling for yours,

Endlessly be searching,

Midnight, past life — my starlight

Poems are hard when you have nothing to do. Today was too busy, however. I feel rushed all of a sudden. Times like this I’m glad I have nothing but my thoughts. Maybe I dwell on them more to distract myself.


Next Stop: Tomorrow

For some time I’ve been searching,

Minutes to eleven and the feelings are hurting,

Where had it gone, but so undeserving,

My eyes drift down as it’s worsening,

Tell all lies and I’ll be searching,

The feelings of past and yours be hurting,

Save me now and all that’s deserving,

I’ll be downing in air praying it’s not worsening,

Why do days feel longer the more you think? My entire mind is a replay and some days it’s never ending. Your eyes keep wandering and ears more acute. Falling leaves, the brightest sun and the sensation of everything around me suddenly feels like I’m lost in reality.


The Moment

I wish our moment hadn’t gone,

Eyes teary and sad of the times we wronged,

Where haven’t we’ve gone?

A year troubled and torment of the ending song,

What stars do we wish upon?

Not the light above and the skies til dawn,

Like endless tales and the chapters once upon,

You couldn’t be wrong,

Left me so and the nights that haunt,

Let me go and never sung so long of the time that feels so long…


You Think

You think I wouldn’t know,

Eyes closed and the colors of rose,

Let the truth be told,

Heaven’s gates closed and all shall go,

Coming and going of the times that’s old,

Merry me and us as unfold,

A ghost of the past that’s yet to go,

Mercy for us and yet the weather’s cold,

Haunt me in my dreams and everywhere we go,

The chapter had closed and all I’ve known,

Chrome hearts sold that’s yet to know,

Darling, how could you so,


I’m Sorry

Feel sorry for we can’t love,

Not a whisper or cry,

No light above,

You felt so warm and all I was,

Just another soul,

For the time once was,

I had you close and to the night,

Like a prince and forever us,

Hear the cries and see the darkest skies,

Of our time that gone and not enough,

Taken by the man who never must,

I lost you then like just a gust,

If only you what could be us,

Writing a poem is much like a window into the soul. I suppose my own is more open to digging and searching. Words don’t always convey the full meaning of how I’m feeling or thinking, but it’s close. We exist to feel and being able to put that into words is an impossible task. I won’t keep trying. All I hope for is a random spark or two in the night,


Hear Me

I wish you could see me,

Coldest stares in the night — eyes teary,

What are we?

Lost souls from another — past > future and weary,

How could you deceive me?

Wandering alone through the night — no light to reach me,

Aren’t we apart like the ending story?

Chapter two of the page and a nightmare while I’m dreaming,

Angel from above never leaves my thoughts in the evening,

Darling, you drive me crazy,

The interesting thing about totaling your car and having a mild concussion is you end up with a new perspective on life. I’m just happy to be alive. I don’t think I’ve had a depressed thought all week or anything intrusive pop in my head. I’ve been running more, broke a few habits, and finally have some sense of normalcy back post accident. Granted, my memory is all over the place and I find myself struggling to remember names and dates. It’s a bit scary, but hopefully gets better with time. All I want this year is to be like any other year — one that was productive and I took an active effort to reach all the goals I set up for myself.

Later world.


Tis the Night

I wish I may,

I wish my might,

How heaven falls between us,

Lingering moonlight,

Where has fate,

Where there’s light,

How endless dreams come upon us,

Tell me there,

And let’s not care,

The sounds of past has yet to clear,

Endlessly till the day,

Merry dreams that left us near,

Call it dreams,

Or never more,

The clock passed twelve,

And I’ve yet to care,

The ghost that howls has never gone,

Dreaming times of the times that wronged,

Hear me say with so that’s right,

Moonlight upon us unless there’s light,

Don’t wake for me now or ever yet,

You were so more than I’ve known and heaven’s set,

A line for a dinner and a verse for then,

Running long, gone, and yet again,



I hear the voice of a thousand cries,

Heading towards the evening sky,

Heavens cry for no man lies,

What the heart knows and cannot try,

Where to go but without a why,

How we come to here and upon this time,

Mercy now and forever smile,

A ghost from the past lurking by,

Hallow depths and into the rye,

Together but apart — the longest goodbye,

I find nights where I’m asleep the words for my poetry come naturally. Almost as if this is the perfect hour to write a poem. Enjoy!