star wars

We got Star Wars tickets!

My best friends and I got Star Wars tickets! This moment is so incredible I can’t even fathom the movie being awful or a let down. Hint: IT CAN NOT BE ANYTHING BUT SPECTACULAR. As a diehard fan of the entire saga, this movie has a lot riding on it. The selling out and merchandising in store is absolutely insane. There is so much hype and buzz going around over Episode 7 that any rumor that even remotely sounds plausible is making me nuts.

After the shit show that was the prequels, this fresh start by JJ Abrams is what everyone needs to regain their trust in the epic space saga. No Jar Jar (unless he brutally gets murdered by a Sith) and definitely no fake CGI sets and BS.


This has to be good. Fingers crossed!

daily buzz

A taste of Mad Men

In the words of Professor Farnsworth, “GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!”

Indeed it was. Today I was interviewed at a very big name, we are a big deal, Mad Men-level ad agency right in the heart of Pasadena. The amazing thing is I inquired about open positions about a month ago and I miraculously got a call back for an interview by the founder. I knew this interview was going to be unusual considering I didn’t actually apply for a position. How did it go you may be asking? Just okay. I honestly don’t think I landed a job there and that’s just the reality of it. It wasn’t the best interview I’ve given, but considering the short amount of years I’ve been working and the chance I was given to meet with people who manage clients in the quarter-of-a-million dollar level, I’m quite happy and joyful this was even a reality.

Having my first taste of Men Mad in the 21st century only makes the drive to reach this position more real, closer, and addictive even. Obstacles will exist, but I will stop at nothing to get to where my interviewers are.

Remember the time I worked at Hulu? Hint: I did. Crazy right? I was interviewed at an IT company located in Long Beach. I unfortunately accepted my old marketing job before I could schedule my 2nd interview with them. Guess who called to see if I was available… YEAH. No f-cking way this was all in the same day. Now that begs the question: continue with marketing and make okay money, or do IT, drive further, longer, and make great money?

Here’s a picture of Pasadena from tonight. Dirt cheap milk tea and egg rolls lead to a trip to Old Town with the homie (+G as my sis would say).


Tomorrow I start my new job and heck, I don’t even have to drive to get there in time. Braving the buses to save money… I think I’m definitely an adult now. Later world and a can of Coke.