First Class

In our usually mildly drunken banter, my best friend made my entire world come crashing down. That the city I knew all my life, Los Angeles, was somehow boring and underwhelming. He said I could easily drop everything I know here to move to DC and Maryland to pursue public policy.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about the environment, specifically, renewable energy. He said I could have a career in that with him in DC and that he would make sure he put in a good word with the right people to make it happen.

It’s alluring to say the least. I only visited for just four days and had an amazing time. The city was vast, grand, and had a unique vibe I experienced for the first time. People rarely needed to drive and public transportation was the best I’ve seen anywhere — absolutely nothing like the headache it is here in LA. The buildings are beautiful and full of historical facts and the people seemingly always stopped to say a friendly hello — at least the parts I visited. There was a subtle charm to it all. Summarizing everything I felt and seen, it was quaint.

Should I? Is it not a crazy idea? I’ve been joking around that the East Coast is the equivalent to Shelbyville if Los Angeles was somehow Springfield. My assessment isn’t wrong I think, but the thought is alluring. As my friend said a few days prior, “The world is your oyster and you know you especially have options.”

Perhaps I do. Later world.