Too Busy for Her

For all of January, I’ve been too busy to pay a visit to my grandma. It’s one of the consequences I face trying to “make it in the world” and now with a second job, my free time has dwindled. She is one of the few women that occupies a permanent place in my heart and somehow, the forces of daily life prevent me from seeing her. I know in my usual grandeur, I could offer her an apology for being absent and she would understand. Knowing her, she’s being too nice and understanding. For this reason, I often wished I could be in two places at once.

For forty years, my beloved grandmother was married to my grandpa. In the time I’ve been alive and conscious, I’ve not once seen them argue, bicker, or have a fight. It’s remarkable considering the ups and downs they faced. I’ve admire this about them a great deal and hope my future significant other and I are so lucky. To be in love and have a happy life together seems almost far fetched, but nothing is impossible.

My grandma has a way with words. Often moving me to the point of tears rolling down my face. It’s one of her specialties and abilities that I don’t experience with anyone else. She pushes my buttons. I feel for her as much as she does for me. For that, I love her a lot and set apart as much time life allows me for her.

I’ve been told by her I’m her favorite amongst all the grandchildren she has — which has a way of filling me with joy and elation. She lives with my aunt and uncle, but never listens to a word they her. She’s stubborn. Unless I tell her to something, she won’t listen and just have it her way — much to the frustration of my aunt and uncle. Her love for me shows and I don’t take it likely.

I remember as a child she would make me breakfast while grandpa was away for work in the early morning. She’d then walk me to school and pick me up when class was dismissed. On our way back home, we used to stop by this liquor store where they sold toys and other knick knacks. My grandma would buy me at least one toy a week — I’ll never forget that and her willingness to give in.

I miss her. I miss them.

Later world.