Everyone loves to criticize without much thought to why or when. Talking shit is a way of life for some, but don’t let it deter you from your own motives or goals. Rarely, will someone truly understand where you’re headed or coming from. Tune out their bullshit and focus on yourself.

You is what matters. Don’t lose out on your own happiness by letting others steer you off course. A road traveled alone is better than a stadium of enemies.

To everyone who doesn’t understand or can’t see it for themselves, fuck you. I don’t give a fuck.



If there’s anything to be fearful of is letting life pass you by while everyone around you is going places. You find yourself still on the busy street. People walking, whizzing, bicycling by. Tell yourself you are somebody and go out and take what you deserve.

No more what ifs and what can I. We only have so long. Dreams don’t merely exist in our heads. Say what needs to be said, work as hard as needed, find motivation when there is none and everything you could ever want will appear.

Never settle.


Internal Locusts

Don’t be so mad at the world.

There are far too many factors and situations out of your control. Any number of unfortunate events isn’t the result of karma or bad luck. Life is naturally going to throw shit in your face. Best thing you can do is push forward knowing there’s always tomorrow.

The sun may not always be sunny like it is in the summer, but behind every cloud is a ray of sunshine — hidden. Don’t find ways to blame or reasons to be angry. Take it upon yourself to carry yourself into the next day, over the hurdle, and into the horizon.

Life can be such a bitch, but it’s not going to stop for you unless you want it. Live, love, develop, and take everyday as another step up.

Later world.