Late Night Thoughts

It’s 3 AM. Come to think of it, I was never good at sleeping as a kid. I’m still terrible at this. I remember being just 4 and I would challenge my Grandpa to see who would fall asleep first. He’d sit on his favorite chair, read the paper, and have his characteristic toothpick in his mouth. He was quite the man and I’ve always held on to this image of him.

Being the determined little kid I was, I always beat out my Grandpa. I remember right as he fell asleep, I’d walk on over to bed and wake up the next morning. I’m amazed he was always so willing to entertain me like this. He always worked early in the morning at 6 and we both would stay up past 1 AM.

Every time I can’t fall asleep or find myself waking up late at the night, these are the thoughts I have. There not bad memories — ones I think about a ton. We just sat around with the TV on just having each other’s company. Conversations were few. He said more to me being silent than words ever could.

I miss you a lot Grandpa. It’s been a while and I’ll never forget.