The Moment

I wish our moment hadn’t gone,

Eyes teary and sad of the times we wronged,

Where haven’t we’ve gone?

A year troubled and torment of the ending song,

What stars do we wish upon?

Not the light above and the skies til dawn,

Like endless tales and the chapters once upon,

You couldn’t be wrong,

Left me so and the nights that haunt,

Let me go and never sung so long of the time that feels so long…


You Think

You think I wouldn’t know,

Eyes closed and the colors of rose,

Let the truth be told,

Heaven’s gates closed and all shall go,

Coming and going of the times that’s old,

Merry me and us as unfold,

A ghost of the past that’s yet to go,

Mercy for us and yet the weather’s cold,

Haunt me in my dreams and everywhere we go,

The chapter had closed and all I’ve known,

Chrome hearts sold that’s yet to know,

Darling, how could you so,


Sleepless & Restless

It’s 1 AM and I cannot for the life of me sleep. It’s awful and I’m just so bothered by how work is affecting me, I feel like I’m drowning. Problem after problem. Bullshit on top of bullshit. This totally fucking sucks. As my friend told me over the phone repeatedly, “Don’t kill yourself over it”. She’s probably on to something. I tend to let work-life consume me.

It’s the serpent at sea and I’m only on a small raft. How did everything get so complicated all of a sudden? Roll with the punches as many would say, right? I would press reset if there was some magic button to start over. The thought of that seems so alluring ever since this whole year started.

What a mess. Is it terrible to know I have a lot going for me, but have the nuances of life negatively impacting my life? Life’s a bitch. Now if only I would fall asleep already. Later world.



I hear the voice of a thousand cries,

Heading towards the evening sky,

Heavens cry for no man lies,

What the heart knows and cannot try,

Where to go but without a why,

How we come to here and upon this time,

Mercy now and forever smile,

A ghost from the past lurking by,

Hallow depths and into the rye,

Together but apart — the longest goodbye,

I find nights where I’m asleep the words for my poetry come naturally. Almost as if this is the perfect hour to write a poem. Enjoy!