Being Political: Biden Still Sucks

Fun fact: I really think Joe Biden sucks, but that doesn’t mean I support Trump. We have a guy well past his prime and can barely string along sentences going against Trump — someone who talks for hours without a hitch. Am I the only one who sees the monumental challenge the Democrats are going to face?

It’s an uphill battle and I’m not confident the debates will end well with Biden. Move past the easy questions and obviously scripted responses and you have a campaign that’s very disliked on social media without a clear attack plan. Biden looks his age and he sure acts like an old fool even in heated responses. Anger does not equal passion.

That’s not to say Biden being angry is even a good method to rally voters. He’s offended the African American community and acts with less poise than Trump when he’s on a roll. I can’t find any reason why he was chosen as the front runner other than he spent eight years as VP with Obama. This was what his campaign early on heavily emphasized.

Honestly, he sucks and I’m not going to be shocked when we have another four years of Trump. Blame the Democrats for propping up a weak candidate again when there were obviously better choices.

So God help us all.


Joe Biden Sucks

Go find any recent video about Joe Biden and look at the amount of likes versus dislikes. Now find several more. Overwhelmingly, viewers don’t like him and this is very apparent. I don’t like Donald Trump, but I don’t believe Joe Biden is going to be the next President of the United States.

In many interviews, he comes off as angry, arrogant, smug, and combatant in his responses. He doesn’t seem very relatable and has his own fair share of issues with memory and gaffes. Biden’s weird talking habits have been well known, but if he’s going toe-to-toe with Trump, he’s screwed. Trump may rant, but Biden can barely string sentences together in a coherent manner.

This is the guy the Democrats picked to go against Trump. It’s kind of pathetic. Just recently, he was quoted on saying “you’re not black if you don’t vote for me.” He said he was too “cavalier” but Democrats have long since exploited the Black vote for office. Biden was racist and he’s getting hell on social media for being so arrogant.

Biden ran much of early campaign saying he and Obama did the country good, but honestly, what did he accomplish single handedly in eight years? I’m confused as to what his message is as much as the internet is. Saying his VP will be female is a desperate attempt to appeal to women. How about pick someone qualified to do the job and not exploit the opposite sex?

If feels much like history is repeating 2016 all over again. We all know how that went. Biden sucks and anyone who says otherwise, expect to be disappointed.