Friday in the Hospital

Seriously, this month just won’t let up. On our way back to Montebello, I passed out in the Uber and was unable to be made conscious again. My girl friend frantically shook me and ended up calling 911.

I was told the cops where kind of dicks. One shouted at me, “Wake up or you’re going to jail.” It didn’t do a thing. After realizing I’m beyond able to reawake, I was taken to the emergency room where I was held until the morning. Blood tests, a CAT scan, and whole host of other things were taped onto my body for monitoring.

I guess you can say my concussion from the accident was more serve than I had imagined. After realizing where I was, I ripped everything off of me and asked to be discharged. My dad came to pick me up and another shit show would be brewing at home.

I know I’m not invincible the least bit. Sucks I had to miss another day of work, but whatever. The office can figure most things out without me being there.

2019: I felt like I was closer to dying and all because of a stupid pothole on the road.

Later world. I’m alive and ready for another day.