Graduation Season

It’s that time of the year where I see more of my friends graduating from college. In fact, I can barely remember my own graduation from four years ago. I found it incredibly underwhelming and just a chore to sit around for those few hours. It was bitter sweet. To finally be done with school, but have the uneasiness of mountains of student debt looming over me. I felt school only barely prepared me for the journey that laid ahead.

School was a piece of cake — and my God was it easy. I couldn’t imagine using anything I learned in 3 years of community college and two years at the UC. Did getting As and Bs even matter? Heck no. It didn’t. How many people really cared where I went? Pretty much none. I had to ask myself, “What was school good for?” That question alone gave me an existential crisis considering the time, energy, and money I poured into getting a very expensive piece of paper. To condense everything I learned in college: perseverance and hard work.

Job hunting was an absolute bitch the first 6 months. And by the time I did find a decent job, my short stints at various places opened up my eyes to the brutal nature of the current job market. Wages are low and expect to grind it out for a while before you start making serious money. I learned more in the time looking for a stable job than in six years of school. Expect the world to fight against you and succeed even if you give it your all.

Go figure. Later world.