We Did a Photoshoot

About 2 years ago, one of my close friends asked me to model for a photoshoot. She’s an amazing photographer and hasn’t shot any men — yet. I’m known to dress very fashionably so naturally, I was picked. By my math, I’ve spent a stupid amount of money on designer clothes over the years — about 6 figures worth. Should I feel bad about it? Maybe? Nah. This suit feels like a million bucks — made of the finest fabric from Italy no less. I’ve more or less stopped shopping, but my closet is a masterpiece of its own.

I’ve made up various excuses in those two years why I’m not willing to be photographed. Her favorite is:

Her: Danny, would you model for my photos?

Me: I can’t. The Native Americans believed a picture takes away a part of your soul. I think it’s true.

After being reminded how fucking old I’m getting and inching towards 30, I finally gave in and agreed. Quite honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. It was surprisingly new and refreshing being the camera’s center of attention. We did two looks: one in a suit and the other a greaser-rocker look.

After several hours and even getting kicked out of a building, we had hundreds of very fashiony shots. The photos are being edited and I can’t wait to see the final result. Here’s a sneak peek.

Lord have mercy. That’s actually me! Fun fact: I bought this suit in 2014. Still fits me perfectly.

Is it pretentious to say I’m going to have all the photos printed into a hardcover book? It’ll be a nice keepsake when I’m past 40 and my spoiled kids wanna have a laugh at their dad. Fuck. Yes. Later world.


Check and Check!

I rarely add an exclamation mark in a title — actually, never. I’m excited. This weekend, I’ll be buying a new car — a Volkswagen Golf GTI all spec’d out with bells and whistles. Hell, it even parks itself. Crazy, right?

I told myself earlier this year I needed a more practical car than a small two seat convertible that I’ve enjoyed for the past two years. It barely works to carry groceries and its age makes reliability very questionable.

I’ve gone on countless dates in my current car and it holds a special place in my heart. It felt like an eternity ago when I bought it at a used car dealership in the area. That was then and I feel blessed my job has afforded me something better. This will be my third car in five years. Perhaps it’s a sign I’m doing alright for myself — indeed.

Everything works out. Later world.


Good to Great

Honestly, my week is going great. My mood is at an all time high and work has been going pretty smoothly. If there was ever a feeling closest to cloud nine, this would be it. One of my dearest friends will be in town and we’ll finally be able to see each other to catch up. I haven’t seen her in what feels like an eternity plus one. This was the best news I heard all week and I’m incredibly excited.

I’ve been going to the gym twice a day and running outside whenever the weather permits. Seriously, it feels good to put in the extra miles. It’s good to sweat. Indeed.

I sincerely hope this year is the best one yet. I can’t see why not. There are multiple things in the works and if my planning is as good as it usually is, I’ll have another stellar year. By the end of this year, I’ll hopefully have a new car, new place, extra income, and a whole lot more to brag about.

Stay humble of course. Later world.


Top of the Wave

Summer is mere days away and this year has reached feverish highs. I’m in the process of finalizing the details for our new sister label and I’ll be at the helm as the owner and president. This is an incredible opportunity to the fix the mess I was presented since working at my current job and have it done exactly to my specifications. I feel blessed, worried, anxious, and a mild feeling of unease, but I’ll keep on pushing forward. I presented this idea to my boss about a year ago and for him and the owner of the company to instill their trust in me to get the ball rolling is a huge privilege.

I know there will be more hard and long days ahead of me, but if I remain focused on the goal, there’s nothing to prevent me from making it — so to speak. I was running the numbers through my head and this very well can be my ticket to owning my own home — sooner not later. I’ll never have to worry about looking for a job ever again, which is a load off my mind. I’ve had so many stints at various places in the past, the threat of not having a stable job has always lingered.

Everything I want is right in front of me. I just have to reach for it. Ride the wave and hope the top keeps coming.

Later world.


I’m This Fucking Close

My week and month has been beyond hectic. But there’s always good news on the horizon. Sometimes, hammering out all day and night pays off for the better.

I GOT NAMED AS A COMPANY PARTNER. Now my duties are more along the lines of business development than e-commerce and marketing. I’m going to buy this fucking house or condo. I feel blessed, relieved, excited, hyped, anxious, etc.

My goals don’t seem so out of reach now. Later world. Danny, out.

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A taste of Mad Men

In the words of Professor Farnsworth, “GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!”

Indeed it was. Today I was interviewed at a very big name, we are a big deal, Mad Men-level ad agency right in the heart of Pasadena. The amazing thing is I inquired about open positions about a month ago and I miraculously got a call back for an interview by the founder. I knew this interview was going to be unusual considering I didn’t actually apply for a position. How did it go you may be asking? Just okay. I honestly don’t think I landed a job there and that’s just the reality of it. It wasn’t the best interview I’ve given, but considering the short amount of years I’ve been working and the chance I was given to meet with people who manage clients in the quarter-of-a-million dollar level, I’m quite happy and joyful this was even a reality.

Having my first taste of Men Mad in the 21st century only makes the drive to reach this position more real, closer, and addictive even. Obstacles will exist, but I will stop at nothing to get to where my interviewers are.

Remember the time I worked at Hulu? Hint: I did. Crazy right? I was interviewed at an IT company located in Long Beach. I unfortunately accepted my old marketing job before I could schedule my 2nd interview with them. Guess who called to see if I was available… YEAH. No f-cking way this was all in the same day. Now that begs the question: continue with marketing and make okay money, or do IT, drive further, longer, and make great money?

Here’s a picture of Pasadena from tonight. Dirt cheap milk tea and egg rolls lead to a trip to Old Town with the homie (+G as my sis would say).


Tomorrow I start my new job and heck, I don’t even have to drive to get there in time. Braving the buses to save money… I think I’m definitely an adult now. Later world and a can of Coke.