We Love Us Not

We all want to hold on.

Yet, the past is hard to let go.

Is the unfortunate thing about living life.

You miss what you once had.

Perhaps, I haven’t just yet.

Closer — almost.

Forgetting isn’t scary when you realize you’re the forgotten. Is life all about missing what we once had?


Show Time

The lights go on and the curtain forward.

A sea of people watch as the performance goes.

Smiles on stage, but another behind the veil.

A mask for the people.

Show time.


Saving Grace

Save me from myself,

Take me from the flood,

Fill my lungs with air,

And show me the light,

Give mercy on my soul,

Let heaven open up,

Tell the Lord I’m here,

And the night turn to day,

I was living for now,

The past as come back,

The tension within,

Just boiling inside,

Feel me calling for you,

An angel in the sky,

Fallen wings of the night,

I use to be deeply religious. Christian as a matter of fact. Although I’m no longer a believer, I find the imagery of religion quite moving — tranquil even. I don’t fear the top or the fiery depths below. Just see life for what it is — a long road into the unknown.


Stay A While

Darling stay a while,

A minute or two more,

I have too much to say,

And the feelings are warm,

Is the world against us?

The pushing and the pull

A current flows between us

And we’re drifting ashore,

I hear a silence in the night,

The crashing waves below,

I see the glow of the moon,

But it’s empty in the day,




You were a falling star,

Nothing the glitz or glamour between the mirror,

I saw it all,

A life of the highest of highs and lowest of lows,

The curtain calls,

Onto the next act,

Some searching and some wandering about,

The lights are bright,

Yet the path goes dark,

You find yourself in the open,

Cliffside rocks on the flooded coast,

Alone with moonlight,