Lessons in Addiction

One of my greatest pet peeves is being around others who are unable to help themselves. I can tolerate drunken behavior, the occasional puff of a cigarette, or the lingering smell of marijuana, but when someone I know or call a friend snorts the illicit white substance, I’m enraged and disappointed. The dangers of regular cocaine use is well documented and the risks alone should sway any temptations, but it doesn’t. If you’re addicted however, you’ll doomed to an early grave. I can’t help you and better off shouldn’t make it my concern. Actions have consequences and some lessons are best learned the hard way.

The most unbelievable part of users of cocaine is how they can bullshit and lie about having it under control.

“It’s just a little bit.” “I can stop whenever I want.” “It’s not a problem.”

In retrospect, hearing how they can’t sleep, are constantly depressed, or have their life in shambles were all ill effects of the drugs taking its toll on their life. As someone who has to hear this weekly, if you want to throw it all away to escape reality, it’s your choosing and no one should be there to tell you otherwise. Stay broke, have not the energy to get up in the morning, but do not complain to others. Their life is not your concern, nor your problem.

Life and living isn’t easy, but escaping to a life of artificial highs and the depths of the lowest lows isn’t the answer.



Hedonism: the pursuit of pleasure

Hedonism says life’s pursuits are all about seeking pleasure. That if it makes you feel good, you should keep doing it. It exemplifies the pursuit of pleasure as the main goal in life. It strikes a cord with me. Thank you Professor Richards for saying how much of a fucking idiot I was.

At first thought, sure. Why not? Things that bring pleasure are inherently that — good feelings. But not everything that feels good is good for your body. Do a line of cocaine and you’ll have feelings of euphoria, but be met with the crushing blow of withdrawals the morning after. You can forget about sleeping afterward. Coupled with the less obvious harm you’re doing by constricting your arteries, you’re trapped in the bliss it brings without realizing the dangers brought.

Drinking alcohol is much the same. Have a glass of wine and you’ll feel relaxed. Drink an entire bottle every night and you’re nothing more than a shell of a person who is otherwise calling for help. I’ve been there and back. It feels great to be numb and sedated. Hangovers are not. Drug addiction and alcoholism are a bitch. Whose to stop you if you’re down on your luck and alone at night with nothing but your thoughts and a near limitless bank account?

Everything is just that. Fledging moments of happiness glossed over as self-destructive behavior hoping for quick relief. Pain management comes in many forms. Some pop a pill, others drink, and some take a more drastic approach to life’s turmoil. Your ego is your greatest enemy. The innate primitive drive to seek out rewards and feel satisfied subconsciously work against you. It’s no wonder a large portion of the population is medicated and dealing with addiction in epidemic numbers. Temptation is everywhere. All I got going for me are my thoughts and a couple journal entires to keep me in check.

Later world.