The Reality of 2020

This entire year feels like a complete failure. COVID derailed all of my plans and then some. Every forecast for what this year could has been missed. I just accept the harsh reality of what this year entails and unfortunately, it feels like it’s getting worse each passing day.

The reality of life is simple: expect not it to go according to plan. I feel like I’m just 70% there and I’m often forgetting the most mundane of tasks. I feel on edge and most people I interact with can see it. Save me? No. Worry about yourself. I’m just honest about it.

Mix an ongoing pandemic with civil unrest and you have by far one of the most unruly times in recent memory. To everyone who feels let down and disappointed, I’m here right with you. The world is chaotic and I’m looking for mercy, not a resolve.

Later world.

Situation (Not Normal)

I can’t stand the coronavirus. Every bit of news is fixated on reporting cases and the awful response the US is making to keep it under control. Can it just stop already? It’s bad enough everyone is panicking and clearing out entire shelves. The elderly can’t fend for themselves and are left with scraps.

This is the real America underneath the glory we all masks ourselves with. The very country that boasts of its wealth can’t stop a pandemic. Stocks keep crashing, businesses are closing, and it’s a free for all leaving everyone to fend for themselves.

It’s so apparent living paycheck to paycheck is the norm here. Hours get cut and without warning, bills become unpaid and everyone’s livelihood is on the line. Filing for unemployment isn’t the solution. It’s a bandaid for a much greater societal problem no one wants to address. Land of the free and home of the brave means nothing with the current state of affairs as horrid as it’s become.

We should all stay safe but vigilant. Help those who are unable to do so themselves. Offer assistance and put it into action — not just suggestions for the sake of a newsworthy story. Where is the call to action? For now, it’s only going to get worse before we as a country recover.

The pandemic will pass. However, not without a wake of unemployment and suffering on every street corner. Development slows, but I’m hopeful in the near future, this can be all be put behind us and we can be one again.

Later world.