Why Would You Say That?

I’m meeting up with a friend soon. One that I use to be quite close to. We go way back and several years ago. I find it unusual how we met actually. I was minding my own business on campus, when she came up to me to comment on what I was wearing. She liked my style then and still does to this day. She told me last time we met, she has me under a “unique” name in her address book. I had a good laugh knowing she picked out a pet name for me — if that’s even the correct word.

Many of my close friends are female, which is nice to have. Guys have one perspective, but it’s refreshing to hear what girls think. If you’re close to them, it brings a lot of relief and opens up your eyes a bit. I have one friend I’ve known since the sixth grade that I still keep in touch with every month — single or not. In fact, I think she’s soon to be engaged. We’re all close, but strictly platonic without any romantic feelings — whether past or present. Although my usual core group of friends mean well, there is an underlying tone of misogyny I don’t agree with — jokes or not. Brains are wired differently between the two genders after all.

I hear a lot of interesting things sometimes. There’s the usual pet peeve with the husband, boy friend, or fianc√©. All I do is take it all in and offer my thoughts. It’s never my job to direct them on what to do. I feel it’s crossing a line in some respects. Other times, conversations get a bit inappropriate. My friend has been married for a few years now and I’m happy for her. In our usual meet up, she said she wondered, “what it would have been like if we got together.” It’s really not what I should hear — and ever.

It’s at this point, the line has been crossed and dread quickly overcomes me. Why would you say that? How could you say such a thing knowing you have a ring on your finger? Worst part is I know him too. I brush it off and try not to take it so seriously to not make it awkward. I felt bad afterward. Seems like the intent was to catch up, but the result was a bit of oversharing. There’s saying it to just tell someone and there’s saying it to invoke a reaction. Somehow,¬† neither is clear.

Later world.