About the only thing I agree with Trump is his attitude towards China. Putting it bluntly, fuck China.

I refuse to support a country that systematically killed off millions of female babies under their One Child policy. The culture favors males to carry on the family lineage and puts females as second class citizens. It’s barbaric, sexist, and shows a lack of morals for their own people. Fuck China.

Trump signed an Executive Order to ban TikTok and everyone is having a field day saying how it’s a gross abuse of power. It’s not. China banned Google and other tech companies headquartered in the US for a decade now. I call it deserved and justice for their nationwide censorship and hostility towards open and public information. Fuck China.

China may have the second highest GDP in the world but they operate like a dystopian society where they seek to suppress their people for their own political gains. Fuck that shit.

Fuck China.