Sweet Love

It’s my Grandma’s birthday. I love her so much and words cannot express how much she means to me. She’s made such an impact in my life I couldn’t thank her enough. From walking me to school, to talking about the good old days when Grandpa was still with us, we share a bond no other woman and I know could have. It brings her so much joy to see her grandchildren together to celebrate this special day.


Bryan & Amber

My sister and her boyfriend have been together since she was a junior in high school. He’s has been living with us the past few years — sleeping in the same bed and room. What was formerly my room before I moved out for college. I see him as family and I know my sister is in good hands. She’s a bit crazy, but he keeps her happy and that’s all I need from a future brother-in-law. My sis has recently been referring to his dad as father-in-law so odds are, they’re due to be engaged soon. I’d approve without hesitation.

I didn’t welcome him with open arms when we met. Like any older brother would do, you proceed with caution and skepticism for any guy seeing your baby sister. As a guy, I know exactly the crude and misogynistic things teenage guys can say behind close doors. He didn’t make a good first impression. Not quite “fuck boy” level, but more “who the fuck does he think he is” vibe. He pulled up in a BMW 3 series and we both introduced ourselves. He was obviously nervous, but I wouldn’t expect anything less. My sis had warned him I was known for trouble.

I short while later, I decided to test him with just the two of us alone together. I asked him to give me a ride to downtown LA. While in the car, there were long pauses and awkward silence. I told Bryan to take the next exit and forgo driving to my original destination.

“Bryan, let’s go to a strip club.”

I pulled out a few hundred in ones I withdrew the previous day and showed him. He began to panic and stumble over his words.

“I don’t think Amber would like that.”

I told him without pause my sister would not know and this would strict be between the two of us. “Let’s have some fun.” He declined. I was relieved. He passed my test. Just because I’m a terrible person who likes to be sure, I did it a second time a couple of months later. It was the same outcome. My sister found out about a year later and was beyond pissed. My only response to her was, “Well, he passed didn’t he?”

Indeed he did. Bryan’s a great guy. I know this to be true. I’ve helped him pay for a high-end laptop, a couple 3D printers, software for his classes, and a bunch of other expenses in the time I’ve known him. I don’t need him to pay me back, just ensure my sister is taken care of. He makes my her happy and for that, I’d do anything for him.

Later world.