Bills, Bills, Bills

Independence is kinda expensive. I’ve been planning the big move and now I’ve decided on buying a new car, a Volkswagen Golf GTI. Fuck me right? My two seater convertible is about as practical as a go cart used only to pickup groceries. In hindsight, practically should have been thought about. That’s life for you. Given no debt by the end of the year, my costs would break down as follows (partially):

  • Rent: $1375/month for a studio apartment
  • Initial Deposit: $1375 OAC
  • Cost of Furniture: $1000 (sofa, bed, TV, desk, side table, etc.)
  • Car Payment: $350/month for 36 months
  • Car Insurance: $125/month
  • Cell Phone: $45/month
  • Internet: $35/month

I would need almost $4k just to move out and live comfortably, including about twice a years worth of rent as a buffer / safety net for any unfortunate circumstances. Cost of furniture could be cut down substantially if I bought most of the necessities second hand, but this is a worst case scenario. My friends even agreed to pay me back the $2K I lent them, which is helpful.

I call this a small price to pay for independence. Does it deter me? Not really. Fight me world.