Apartment Hunting

You would think the current state of affairs in the US would make me think twice about moving, but I’m fairly determined to follow through with my plans. Finding a suitable apartment is difficult — and that’s putting it mildly. My friends either just rent out a room for themselves or have been living together — all of which makes paying rent easier. I, however, want an apartment all to myself. I can’t say I want anything grand or opulent. I’ve largely condensed down my possessions to the essentials and free of any clutter. Small and cozy is the word.

My friends say I’m too picky, which is almost certainly true. I’ve had a list of things I deemed necessary saved onto my Amazon this year, mostly just furniture. I’m obsessive about esthetics and the way things look making this move exciting. How else would you make a home uniquely yours? I set myself a decent budget and everything from my perspective will go nicely together. I’m so fond of the mid-century modern look since I’ve got hooked on watching Mad Men, I have to have a similar style. Maybe not a mini bar however. I have several authentic prints hand signed by Andy Warhol I’ve been keeping in storage that I’ve been dying to put up on display. American values are materialistic, but I sometimes find myself caring too much about what I have and wanting more.

My criteria is limiting. Location must be close to other shops, quiet, walkable, and somewhere where the the crime isn’t an issue. I’ve been asked why not move somewhere in Downtown, but I really hate the traffic and constant unease a life in the city brings.

2020 feels like the entire world is burning to ashes, but it hasn’t stopped me yet. Life goes on and while everything around me is chaotic, it shouldn’t deter you from your goals. Let’s hope everyone feels the same way.

Later world.