Faults (Let’s Not Go There)

What day of quarantine is it? At this point, I stopped giving a fuck and all the news about the coronavirus annoys me terribly. Everyone has been eagerly waiting for their $1200 “stimulus” check. I am indifferent. My parents have been furiously complaining everyday about not receiving their unemployment checks and while they are part of the millions who are out of work, I find their lack of financial responsibility throughout the years embarrassing.

When I was young, it was apparent my parents didn’t have it all together. Frivolous spending at the hands of my father squandered tens of thousands and that’s a low estimate. He’s shit with money and I believe if he suddenly won the lottery, it would all disappear in a few years. I don’t think anyone should live life worrying about paying bills or how they’re going to make it to next month. With that said, personal responsibility is more important than what the state can provide for you.

There’s a lot of complaining around here and I really fucking hate it.