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Searching 12/29/2018

I saw from a far a long lost soul,

Wandering in the abyss and the stories told,

She came with a flower and the memories old,

Searching searching for another until and more,

Wishing wells of the greatest depths,

I throw in coin for a symbol we’ve met,

I wish I wish and I wish I may,

For another one to come along some day,

Take her by the hand and lock on til dawn,

Fearing to let go until the morning is gone,

Feel her body as the clouds turn gold,

Hugging ever longer until the sky turns rose,

A smile comes with the thoughts of her,

To yearn for her and wash ashore,

He drifts into the oceans of the currents crash,

Hopeless and merciless in the storms path,


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To all my beloved friends,

I’m sorry for everything and letting it come to this. I need time alone away from you all.

“I’d walk away from it all before I let it get any further.”

With love,

– Danny

Give a few bottles of wine

A 40 oz or two

Hand me a coffin nail

A pack will do

Toss me a bar

Not a hammer for my chains

There’s terror in my eyes

And sadness in theirs

Coldness falls

Somber nights in winter ides

Your hands tremble but mines the same

This is it for you and I

Live in reality and dream for an escape

Falling in the rabbit hole and tumbling

There is not a word to describe my pain

Look from afar and chase while you run

I’m not looking for the exit

The nightmares just begun

Winter nights of coldest days

Where oh where is the light

The windows close and the door is shut

I’m traveling for one til the end of time