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We got Star Wars tickets!

My best friends and I got Star Wars tickets! This moment is so incredible I can’t even fathom the movie being awful or a let down. Hint: IT CAN NOT BE ANYTHING BUT SPECTACULAR. As a diehard fan of the entire saga, this movie has a lot riding on it. The selling out and merchandising in store is absolutely insane. There is so much hype and buzz going around over Episode 7 that any rumor that even remotely sounds plausible is making me nuts.

After the shit show that was the prequels, this fresh start by JJ Abrams is what everyone needs to regain their trust in the epic space saga. No Jar Jar (unless he brutally gets murdered by a Sith) and definitely no fake CGI sets and BS.


This has to be good. Fingers crossed!

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A taste of Mad Men

In the words of Professor Farnsworth, “GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!”

Indeed it was. Today I was interviewed at a very big name, we are a big deal, Mad Men-level ad agency right in the heart of Pasadena. The amazing thing is I inquired about open positions about a month ago and I miraculously got a call back for an interview by the founder. I knew this interview was going to be unusual considering I didn’t actually apply for a position. How did it go you may be asking? Just okay. I honestly don’t think I landed a job there and that’s just the reality of it. It wasn’t the best interview I’ve given, but considering the short amount of years I’ve been working and the chance I was given to meet with people who manage clients in the quarter-of-a-million dollar level, I’m quite happy and joyful this was even a reality.

Having my first taste of Men Mad in the 21st century only makes the drive to reach this position more real, closer, and addictive even. Obstacles will exist, but I will stop at nothing to get to where my interviewers are.

Remember the time I worked at Hulu? Hint: I did. Crazy right? I was interviewed at an IT company located in Long Beach. I unfortunately accepted my old marketing job before I could schedule my 2nd interview with them. Guess who called to see if I was available… YEAH. No f-cking way this was all in the same day. Now that begs the question: continue with marketing and make okay money, or do IT, drive further, longer, and make great money?

Here’s a picture of Pasadena from tonight. Dirt cheap milk tea and egg rolls lead to a trip to Old Town with the homie (+G as my sis would say).


Tomorrow I start my new job and heck, I don’t even have to drive to get there in time. Braving the buses to save money… I think I’m definitely an adult now. Later world and a can of Coke.

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Stage plays and party days

Last weekend (Saturday to be exact), we went to my best friend, Garza’s stage play. For the record, his name is Jonathan, but he strictly goes on a last name basis. Calling him Jonathan is just plain weird, but Garza is no better if I think about it. I would describe him as a redneck hillbilly if you haven’t already heard his Mexican accent (don’t worry, he knows this and can take a joke). I actually knew who he was long before we ever met. I recall hearing a friend shouting his name in the hallway back in freshman year of high school. For said play, we made our way to ELAC—like the Aflac duck, but with more EEE. It’s a community college with a big fat lie in its name, stating it’s in East LA, but actually resides in Monterey Park. Yes—Monterey Park, the second most heavy populated city of Asians in all of the United States. Factoid. Confused? So am I. If you’re ever in town, try turning around anywhere and not seeing someone who’s Asian. You can’t. Ha. Tickets to the play were free (courtesy of Garza) so why not support my best friend in his flourishing (and quite serious) acting career?

IMG_20151019_163051 IMG_20151017_200643

I can describe this play as Judas meets West Coast rap with a pimp acting as the devil… of course, right? The gentleman who played the devil wore a red velvet coat and a long “walking stick” COUGH pimp stick. He had the most villainous laugh you could of imagined. Definitely on the calibre of a nefarious Hollywood villain. Impressed I was.

After party shenanigans

We were all told this one play was a culmination of 6 entire months of work and preparation, so when Garza said he was itching to blow off some steam and get hammered, taking an Uber seemed the most logical (not to mention responsible route). The party was no different than any other party I’ve been too. Highlights for that part of the night: Garza danced himself into a sweaty shiny mess. For someone who pushes the scales, he definitely can get down when his mood is elevated above the clouds (with special assistance of course). Our gallon of water was refilled twice in the few hours we were there.

Ubers and Lyfts at 3 AM

You know whats great when everyone is too f-ed up to drive at night? Uber and Lyft! You know what those services are like at 3AM? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO BOOK A RIDE. Four Lyft drivers canceled on us. It wasn’t until we desperately tried Uber that someone went on the freeway to come pick us up from the corner of a busy main street. Four guys talking and slurring loudly on the corner is definitely definitely not shady at all in the middle of the night.

Just another day of antics and tomfoolery. Later folks and a bottle of Coke.

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Adventures in not smoking

One subject I’m not proud of is my relationship with cigarettes or stogs as my friends and I usually call them when we’re out. While I did quit for the better part of ten entire months from last year, getting laid off has made those sticks of tobacco that much more a necessity as I navigate the life of the unemployed. Fun fact and not surprisingly: it sucks. Every now and again, I like to joke around how I’m actually “cutting back”.

If I was SpongeBob, Patrick is my friend Julian

For smokers this means one of two things. One, “I’m bullshitting you”. Two, “I’m smoking less”. I guess you can consider me somewhere in-between those two statements with a splash of humor thrown in. See, I use to smoke two packs a day and only the blacks as my friends and I call them. That’s smokers talk for being badass and smoking heavy flavored tobacco around the clock. Now, I only smoke one pack every two days. By any stretch of the imagination, that is still ridiculous and a future train wreck waiting to happen upon my poor lungs and whatever nicotine throws down my insides.

How do I feel now you might ask? Absolutely tired and sleepy. If I had energy, it surely wasn’t around for too long. My body feels a lot like that fatigue you get from a hard night of partying and dancing, minus the hangover and lingering smell of vodka in the room of course. How did Don Draper do this is beyond me. I’m not a fan of old fashions and whiskey, but give me a fancy suit, skinny tie, and slicked back hair any day. As a broom-riding witch says, “Oh my stars”.

Tomorrow is day two. I’m terrified of that statement.

Later world and a can of Coke.

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That time I was let go from my job

In what can be one of the most jarring experiences I can recall this past year, I was without warning let go from my job as a web project manager. While this would normally bother me to no end, let me tell you how the day-to-day operations was like at REDACTED. For those skillful Internet searchers, the company I worked for is located in Los Angeles. We only recently moved there the beginning of September from a small city just by the border of South Pasadena. We cleverly advertise a “full internet marketing” agency when we in fact outsource to India for a majority of the work. Yelp reviews are a resounding 5 stars across the board, but strangely only date back to 2014 and without a negative review to be found. The lowercase e in our name lets our clients know we’re all about the Internet and not afraid to boast our rankings as “one of the top SEOs”.

I promise there’s only a hint of sarcasm in that description.

Refunds (or lack of thereof)

If you were one of the unlucky few who were magically called upon by one of our sales people and lured into the unforgiving trap we set forth on your credit card, getting you the website you wanted was far from our priority. Deadlines often ran far into the third month when we quoted customers a turnaround time of just 1-2. What if you wanted a refund, you might ask? We don’t give out refunds. Ever. Keeping you on billing was skillfully executed by our most seasoned managers who knew how to keep clients relatively happy with little to no work to show for it. If there was a billing mistake and you were commonly overcharged you would recieve additional months of service. That only begs the question: If the service is free, does that make it good? Nope.

Lackluster Communication

Take a large company with many departments who don’t regularly coordinate communication with each other and what do you end up with? A huge cluster fuck of “I didn’t know.” and “Oh did they?”. I heard that more times than was considered normal. If a client requested a change in service, I never trusted my email to magically make it to the right hands or monitors or even have it properly forwarded to the right people as protocol would dictate. Might I remind you that our “new process”—as one jolly gentle project manager put it—was an incredible fifty pages in length. As thorough and well written in formalities as the language on bounded paper was, this “new process” was more of a front for the amount of half-assed shenanigans that was regularly going on.

The People

Lastly, come my thoughts on the people working there. Not everyone who worked there was a quack. In fact, there were a select few who rightfully earned their places high up in the company. Guys in billing, and the big boss lady are the best examples that I know of who had every right to each letter of their title. However, look down a few rows and you couldn’t help but notice the high school students in social media who laughed and chuckled every time you caught them walking through the hallway. Better yet, my own manager (who I shall not name) was every bit a kid in disguise with a troubling past and more run-ins with the law than one could reasonably laugh at.

To end this on a positive note, see ya M___, M____, and V____. Those three people weren’t just my co-workers who sat beside me. I can honestly say without a doubt they were also my friends—and that is something I will truly miss about not working there. Laughs were shared, crazy and wild stories were exchanged, and just a little bit of ourselves rubbed off on one another to make a small difference.

So long, farewell, and a can of Coke.