Stocks Are Way Down

Interesting week I’m having. Stocks are down day after day and there’s no end in sight. It’s expected with the crazy rally the tech sector had the previous months leading into September. I did the smart thing and sold off everything that was up too fast. Emphasis on too fast.

My winners this year are: Square, Virgin Galactic, Tesla, Apple, and a few pharmaceutical companies I had no interest in other than they were super cheap. If you’re up over 100% on an investment in a recession, sell and get out if you haven’t already done so.

What goes up must go down and hard. Currently, all markets are in a bloodbath and anyone willing to invest should do so cautiously. Don’t get me wrong. I normally say it’s always a good time to invest no matter the current state of the economy. However, if you have nobodys and average Joes on Robinhood buying anything just because of the crash we had in March due to the coronavirus, you need to be realistic.

My portfolio is still in the green and my overall returns this year is +70%. Kind of makes me wish I wasn’t stuck to a normal nine to five job doing IT, but I’m only dreaming. I made off with several thousands in profit and still hold more to keep myself invested. Thanks for the wild ride.

2020: seriously, what the fuck.

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