Rainy Day Fund

Life has a way of throwing too much in my direction. I’ve gotten a surprise bill in the mail. A cool four figures owed. Ouch.

I’ve noticed this year has a way of being expected. COVID, riots, heightened attitudes… something doesn’t feel right all year. Honestly, how can it. I’ve largely been unaffected this entire time. Call me thankful to still manage to get by relatively unscathed financially.

I’ve been in the hospital twice in less than a year. Can’t say that is a good sign for things to come, but here I am: tired, sweaty, and unenthusiastic about tomorrow. I’ve come to realize just because I don’t show the underlying emotion, doesn’t mean it’s not unknowingly affecting my well-being. I’m not as invincible as I believe.

Now I’m just mortal. Those feats of stupidity and brazen disregard for life have finally caught up to me. I can’t run any longer and the finish line gets farther. The lion has bitten back and I’m left hopping for the next kilometer.

I want the next year to come already. Give me Thanksgiving and fast forward to the next year, please. Best of luck to everyone wandering, but not yet lost.


Down 30 Up 50

This year has been crazy for anyone invested in stocks. During the latter part of March, COVID-19 caused my stock portfolio to crash 30%.

First I panicked, but after some thought, I kept reinvesting into two sectors: pharmaceuticals and tech. I waited for the market to recover last month knowing that there would be a fast rebound and cashed out more than half of my holdings. I ending up buying Apple before their earnings report on the chance they would do their rumored 4–1 stock split. They did. Music to my ears.

I’ve avoided Tesla for a couple years now, but after the minor correction to $1300 and announcing their own 5-1 stock split, I dropped $2000 on Tesla for just over one share. This week has been cloud nine. Tesla had another monumental run up until today. Investors are buying like mad and pushed the stock past $2075 a share.

For the past 90 days, I’ve out paced the S&P 500 index by more than 35%, with an overall increase of 50%. In laments terms, for every $100 invested, I made back an additional $50. Fucking incredible.

Only in America where the economy can be in a recession and you can make serious money at the same time. This is insane.

I feel good. I feel blessed. Later world.



About the only thing I agree with Trump is his attitude towards China. Putting it bluntly, fuck China.

I refuse to support a country that systematically killed off millions of female babies under their One Child policy. The culture favors males to carry on the family lineage and puts females as second class citizens. It’s barbaric, sexist, and shows a lack of morals for their own people. Fuck China.

Trump signed an Executive Order to ban TikTok and everyone is having a field day saying how it’s a gross abuse of power. It’s not. China banned Google and other tech companies headquartered in the US for a decade now. I call it deserved and justice for their nationwide censorship and hostility towards open and public information. Fuck China.

China may have the second highest GDP in the world but they operate like a dystopian society where they seek to suppress their people for their own political gains. Fuck that shit.

Fuck China.