Fuck This Week

Wouldn’t you know it — this week sucked immensely. Fuck me. Fuck that. And my god — fuck off. One of my woke friends gave me shit for not voicing my support of the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m sorry, but I have to go to work everyday and bust ass to get several projects done. You would think your daily responsibilities that keep a comfortable living is a higher priority than going out on the streets to protest, but fuck that shit.

Different strokes for different folks. There’s this weird cloud over everyone and it doesn’t bring out the best in people. My office is littered with angry faces and people who checked out since the beginning of the month. I’m covering for everyone and this is the definition of incompetence.

Someone save me. Later world.

If the world would stop for a second, that would be great. It feels like the first time I’ve been able to stop and take a breather all week.

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