You Annoy Me

As my philosophy professor once told me, your friends — no matter how close or cherished, eventually, they will let you down. That is inevitable, which is unfortunate. It’s a fact of life I’ve seen more and more. While you can’t fault them for merely being human, their actions or inaction says volumes.

I have one friend who spends all his time smoking cigarettes, marijuana and doing large amounts of cocaine every passing day. I’ve come to realize he’s far from ever being saved and that his path in life has already been written — one I dare not wish to venture in.

On numerous times, I’ve seen him slowly do more and more without any regard for his well-being or health. As you wished, then so be it. A life of drug addiction is one of pain and endless consumption. I’ve confronted him about it time and time again, but I’m met with various excuses and explainations teetering on absurd to flat out denials. I don’t consider his habits careful experimentation so many others have experienced with illicit substances. To give him the benefit of the doubt would be lies and turning a blind eye.

Drugs quickly go empty and so does their money. I’m always bothered by hearing people who parttake in this lifestyle complain and rant about not having a dollar to their name. It’s pathetic and only exacerbates the underlying problem more. Give me a break. You can always make back the money lost, but your health may never recover even with all the money in the world and the finest doctors to keep you conscious.

It’s only natural I find myself a bit jaded and skeptical of others. When I have someone in my circle of friends tell me about some goal they’ve set for themselves, I almost always never believe it — especially with ones requiring money. Buy this, buy that, or I’ll own it in the future. It’s all talk and I’m aware of all the other times their words fell short. Don’t get me wrong — everyone should set their own goals. If you have a history of not following through, I don’t believe it — not even a single word.

It’s one of those reasons why when someone says they’ll repay me for lunch or some other transaction involving money I’m met with skepticism. One time, I was told it wasn’t a big amount relative to my own income and therefore wasn’t an issue. They disappoint me or rather, irritate me to no end.

What’s the moral of this long winded rant? People let me down and will continue to do so. Their inability to advance in life is their own doing and any problems they face with not being able to sustain themselves is the result of their own doing. Others may view me differently and call my perspective unusual, but until we can finally meet at eye level, I’ll remain hesitant to assist in their times of dire need.

Later world.

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