Easier Then & Now

Life seemed some much simpler just a few years ago. My main concern was how I was going to dig myself out of the massive amount of debt I accumulated and it alone was singular. Fast forward to now, I worry about too many things and fear not reaching my goals.

I’m certain my friends don’t share my feelings about living and pursuing all interests that lead the land of promise. Even so, I can’t help but wonder if I’m living up to my true potential. You can judge a person on their goals and aspirations, but how they plan on reaching them says volumes about their ability to be successful.

I don’t care what others may think, yet, the days feel like a never ending battle against mediocrity. I’ve done this, done that, and overcame it — what’s next for me? If the goal in life is to prosper and live a fulfilling life, I’m probably imagining there’s some finish line to this journey.

I have to ask myself what is it I want out of all of this. Money? Companionship? Family? Those are needed and although the thought of having it all is reassuring, the means to get them isn’t. I see a lot of mistakes with my own family and the consequences they must deal with. I’m only streering myself away from the same miserable fate.

2020 is the worst year yet, but not by my hands or chosing. I feel all this free time with my thoughts has started to make me reevaluate my needs, wants and desires. I can’t say I’m closer to having all the answers life throws at me. Until then, I hope to be a person of compassion and make an impact however small it may be.

Later world.

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