Lessons in Addiction

One of my greatest pet peeves is being around others who are unable to help themselves. I can tolerate drunken behavior, the occasional puff of a cigarette, or the lingering smell of marijuana, but when someone I know or call a friend snorts the illicit white substance, I’m enraged and disappointed. The dangers of regular cocaine use is well documented and the risks alone should sway any temptations, but it doesn’t. If you’re addicted however, you’ll doomed to an early grave. I can’t help you and better off shouldn’t make it my concern. Actions have consequences and some lessons are best learned the hard way.

The most unbelievable part of users of cocaine is how they can bullshit and lie about having it under control.

“It’s just a little bit.” “I can stop whenever I want.” “It’s not a problem.”

In retrospect, hearing how they can’t sleep, are constantly depressed, or have their life in shambles were all ill effects of the drugs taking its toll on their life. As someone who has to hear this weekly, if you want to throw it all away to escape reality, it’s your choosing and no one should be there to tell you otherwise. Stay broke, have not the energy to get up in the morning, but do not complain to others. Their life is not your concern, nor your problem.

Life and living isn’t easy, but escaping to a life of artificial highs and the depths of the lowest lows isn’t the answer.

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