Sundays (Here We Go Again)

I can’t wait for this pandemic to end. Really. Shit sucks having to stay home. I’ve resorted to watching trashy television to entertain myself — Jersey Shore and 90 Day Fiance being my two favorite picks. I get a few laughs and my mind remians occupied for as long as it has my attention.

Whereas some in this predicament may sit back and enjoy the great indoors, I’ve been relentless in trying to figure out plan B. The question is when and not how. I’m optimistically projecting summer for business to resume, but worst case scenario, it lasts until the end of the year. I’m quite frankly terrified at the thought of being trapped for that long.

Fuck this shit. Even so, there’s a few silver linings to discuss. The air is much clear in all parts of the globe, carbon emissions have plummeted, gas prices are low, and if you have any money at this point of the year, your practically guaranteed to make money investing in the stock market.

I feel uneasy, but my mind gets the better of me. Be thankful. All I have to worry about is my car payment and I have a steady buffer for at least 6 months. This year isn’t what anyone could of hoped for, but if the sun rises tomorrow, expect me to take on the world yet again.

Later world.

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