Save the Day

Today was a total shit show. Work was especially difficult seeing how three of my coworkers have the usual fuck it attitude with them quitting soon. To make matters worse, I’m stupidly behind on launching several projects. If I wasn’t spread so thinly I’d be in a better position. Fuck everything.

The minute I got home, I wanted nothing to do with work and was beyond over the day. Ever have those urges to down a beer in record time or take a hit? Shit. I’m surprised I’m not under the influence still.

I could feel the slow feelings of depression hitting me harder with each passing hour of today. If it was just my luck, one of my super cool uncles came over for a quick visit. If you ignore the red envelopes with $20s, $50s and $100s, Chinese New Year is one of the rare times where you get to see everyone. That’s priceless. We chatted about the usual: stocks, future goals, and if I was seeing anyone. He’s always been so down to Earth and was quick to crack a few jokes to relieve the tired look on my face.

I’m honestly feeling so much better now. Later world.

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