Social Media Blackout

Social media is all bullshit. If you think what you see is representative of real life, you’re sadly mistaken. No one posts the mundane or down right depressing on their feed — and why would they? Every post and picture is curated to show the very best of you — a greatest hits of sorts. I find that too much of it will send you spiraling down into depression. It’s a trap and you’re the unwilling participant.

Call me crazy, but no ones life is perfect. Not the celebrities you idolize or the friend who travels to another country every week. They show what they only what you to believe. It’s all bullshit. Loss, grief, and sadness has no place online. Naturally, we gravitate toward the exciting, new, and adventurous. Anything less wouldn’t be worthy of a like, thumbs up, or heart icon.

Later world. It’s time I have it all a rest. To everyone I care about, I’m alive — I just need a break into the real reality — however mundane.

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