Hear Me

I wish you could see me,

Coldest stares in the night — eyes teary,

What are we?

Lost souls from another — past > future and weary,

How could you deceive me?

Wandering alone through the night — no light to reach me,

Aren’t we apart like the ending story?

Chapter two of the page and a nightmare while I’m dreaming,

Angel from above never leaves my thoughts in the evening,

Darling, you drive me crazy,

The interesting thing about totaling your car and having a mild concussion is you end up with a new perspective on life. I’m just happy to be alive. I don’t think I’ve had a depressed thought all week or anything intrusive pop in my head. I’ve been running more, broke a few habits, and finally have some sense of normalcy back post accident. Granted, my memory is all over the place and I find myself struggling to remember names and dates. It’s a bit scary, but hopefully gets better with time. All I want this year is to be like any other year — one that was productive and I took an active effort to reach all the goals I set up for myself.

Later world.

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