Keyword: Frustration

Frustration: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.
“I sometimes feel like screaming with frustration”

This sums up my day perfectly. I couldn’t for the life of me get the new office phone to work today. My coworker at our New Jersey branch blasted my phone at 5 AM and would not stop for whatever reason. Last I checked, I told everyone in the East Coast to respect the time difference and wait until they needed my help.

So they didn’t — but my God does that irritate me to no end. Am I supposed to be awake at 5 AM for them? Are you fucking kidding me? I honestly shouldn’t be so upset but this week just irks me to no end.

My manager told me I’m due for another 10% raise next quarter. Cool. Does that fix the fact that some co-workers are disrespectful? Not the slightest. I’m dead and feel like life is purposely doing whatever it can today to pull me down. I feel like I’m drowning inside, sans water, oceans, rivers, or water.

Apparently, I’m now promoted to “executive”. That’s cool on read on paper or a new fancy business card that costs 5 cents a piece, but it’s not without a few people giving me a long glare. It’s odd how office culture works sometimes. Hate me all you want I guess.

My best friend will be back this month and we’ll catch up again, which is something I’m definitely looking forward to. That motherfucker lost like half his body mass recently and I’m impressed at his commitment to keeping the weight off. I remember visiting him earlier this year and was shocked the at the sudden but welcomed transformation.

People do change and I love that about them. Keeping me in the loop and a random how are you text brightens up the day. I’ve had some friends I haven’t seen in person for several years and we magically find the time to keep in touch. That I’m extremely thankful for. For that reason, the internet and social media isn’t all bad. Makes me smile to think they even care to keep me in their thoughts.

With that, later world. Tomorrow is Friday and I’m ready to finally get some sleep and put this entire week behind me. Onwards and up.

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