Tis the Night

I wish I may,

I wish my might,

How heaven falls between us,

Lingering moonlight,

Where has fate,

Where there’s light,

How endless dreams come upon us,

Tell me there,

And let’s not care,

The sounds of past has yet to clear,

Endlessly till the day,

Merry dreams that left us near,

Call it dreams,

Or never more,

The clock passed twelve,

And I’ve yet to care,

The ghost that howls has never gone,

Dreaming times of the times that wronged,

Hear me say with so that’s right,

Moonlight upon us unless there’s light,

Don’t wake for me now or ever yet,

You were so more than I’ve known and heaven’s set,

A line for a dinner and a verse for then,

Running long, gone, and yet again,

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