Just My Luck (Or Not)

As fate would have it, the sun roof of my car leaks — badly. It rained cats and dogs here recently and I was greeted with a large puddle of water in the center console. Absolutely not fucking okay. I proceeded to take my beloved less than month old car back to the dealership to get this fixed. What I thought was an easy fix turns out is something much more serious.

They have to replace the entire sun roof and then some. Motherfucker. Are you kidding me? What bad luck. Worst part is it’s going to take up to week to repair. To be fair everyone, especially the service manager, was extremely apologetic about the whole ordeal. I’m not even that upset about it right now.

I was given a brand new 2020 Jetta as a loaner which is more suited for a suburban dad ready to pick up the kids from soccer and ballet practice. It’s not my style, but at least I have a car to get me from point A to B without much difficulty. The car is big, slow, but my God is the gas mileage amazing. I’ve driven it a hundred or so miles and the needle barely moved. I’m impressed.

This week has been interesting. It’s not all bad though. I got to see everyone for Thanksgiving, spent some well deserved quality time with my Grandma and cousins, and it’s been pretty relaxing. In the end, this is another minor inconvenience in an otherwise great week.

December is finally here. Fight me. Later world.

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