Don’t Kill My Vibe

No matter how well the day goes, I can expect someone to try to kill my vibe. Think of the Debbie downer, but with more malicious intent. Why though? I don’t understand why some people have to be such a buzz kill. It seems everyone is easily aggravated and has this constant chip on their shoulder. Seriously. What is wrong with everyone these days?

The other day, this lady plowed right into me walking out of the gym and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Watch where the fuck you’re going!” She was about three of me compressed into one heaping mass of a person and trust me, my lanky self is hardly in the way in public. But I digress. She obviously wanted a reaction and I did not give in. Getting mad for someone I don’t give a shit about is hardly worth my time or attention. You do you boo boo. I stayed mute and walked away with the biggest eye roll this side of the country could capture on closed circuit TV.

Have I mentioned I’ve taken anger management? It works, a bit too well in my case. I can’t for the life of me get angry for the little things now. Car door won’t lock? Fuck it. Unlocked all night it remains. Broke my cell phone screen for the second time? Fuck it. It can be fixed. My MacBook has once again had the keyboard go kaput and all I can think is I’m glad I can replace it soon — sans fees to get it fixed.

Shit happens. Might as well just keep having whatever on replay in my head as every unplanned unfortunate event tries to kill my day. Evidently, I’ve been told by friends my attitude can come off as ungrateful and perhaps they are right. I don’t have the time to be less than content. Anything less is just putting myself into an emotional state devoid of reason and thought. Like that’s going to help make the situation any better.

Keep trying world. I honestly don’t have any fucks to give — yet. Later world.