Check and Check!

I rarely add an exclamation mark in a title — actually, never. I’m excited. This weekend, I’ll be buying a new car — a Volkswagen Golf GTI all spec’d out with bells and whistles. Hell, it even parks itself. Crazy, right?

I told myself earlier this year I needed a more practical car than a small two seat convertible that I’ve enjoyed for the past two years. It barely works to carry groceries and its age makes reliability very questionable.

I’ve gone on countless dates in my current car and it holds a special place in my heart. It felt like an eternity ago when I bought it at a used car dealership in the area. That was then and I feel blessed my job has afforded me something better. This will be my third car in five years. Perhaps it’s a sign I’m doing alright for myself — indeed.

Everything works out. Later world.

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