More Time for Chills

Certain songs give me the chills. I find myself daydreaming of the past so much that music sends me right back into time. Most are good memories, whereas others into the feelings that come with despair. I guess you can say I get triggered by melodies and I’m helpless to stop the reaction. Isn’t life about remembering yourself in yesteryear to see how far you’ve come into the present?

“Take my hand. Take my whole life too.”

I sometimes wonder if those people in my memories think of me. If they long since forgotten that time I knew them, maybe even loved. Is it unusual to wonder if I can be so lucky to occupy just a short moment in their mind? Life goes on and I feel so tethered to wanting the past to be present I think I might be crazy. I miss them, but I might never know if they miss me.

I remember listening to one song during my morning walks to class and instantly being transported back to a year where friends, life and the world felt so simple. Carefree even. I had one life then and I wish I had it now. Yearning. Longing. Wanting. And missing it.

“I was alright for a while. I could smile for a while.”

Later world.

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