Adulting is Weird

Being an adult is oddly weird. You generally can’t get away with eating whatever you want and those little nagging aches don’t just magically go away anymore. Health gets serious. Today, I went in for my usual eye exam at my ophthalmologist and what normally costed hundreds without insurance was a mere $50. My medication which would be $250, now just $7.49 cents at the local pharmacy. Health insurance is one of those things everyone hates paying for every month, but is glad to have when you need it.

As for all my coworkers who picked the free health plan that doesn’t let you go to any doctor they wish, they’re going to be in for a lot of pain. Hopefully, not literally. My coworker next to me asked why my insurance costs are so much higher than everyone’s and all I had to say was there’s only so much you can cheap out on in life. Quality health care shouldn’t be one of them.

I can say with the utmost confidence I have the best doctors in town looking after my medical needs. For that little piece of mind, I’ll gladly fork over a few bills every month. Later world.

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