The Man Who Stole $15,000

Evidently, not everyone takes leaving a job so smoothly. My coworker who left in a mild fit of rage a while back stole copies of all the debit cards. My boss woke up today at 6 in the morning to multiple fraud alerts and notifications. It was a total shit show. Normally, we’re not quick to point the finger at someone inside, but most petty criminals the age of 22 with no future prospects aren’t good at covering up their crimes. My coworker paid 2 parking tickets, bought a set of tires to be sent to his home address, and went on a wild shopping spree on Amazon.

I get it — the guy didn’t like working here, but are you fucking kidding me? He’s stolen enough money to be charged with larceny and face serious jail time. Worst part is, I use to vouch for him repeatedly by telling everyone his bouts of rage were nothing more than built up frustration.

You think you know some people and then they do this. Hell — who do I know?


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