Darling of the Night

I heard you were calling,

Howling through the night,

Skies and stars falling,

Heavens in the light,

You knew I’d be searching,

The timing was right,

A lady my darling,

Running through the night,

You said you would need me,

Eyes twinkle in the light,

Some how we were dreaming,

Lost into the night,

I wish you’d come see me,

Wishing with my might,

Yet the words felt deceiving,

There goes the light,


Ever wonder how your life turn out if you chose one over the other? Keep dreaming. Later world.



It’s been a difficult two weeks. Someone died. Someone almost died. The news is fixated on every mass shooting. And everyone at the office can’t seem to get their priorities in order. Figures. I suppose when I’m met with day after day of let downs and feelings of uneasiness, the best course of action is just to relax and do nothing — something I’ve never been particularly good at.

It’s days or weeks like this that make me feel like my life is crashing right before my eyes. Can I blame someone? My family? My predicament? My less than stellar habits? Progress feels like it’s at a stand still when just a month earlier I was feeling the highest of highs.

I often find myself day dreaming for more — the reality I wish was true. Some call it the perfect life, but if I know better, perfection is often sought and rarely seen. I love escapism for that reason. This world can be so off, but inescapable only in your mind.

The other day, I was helping a friend with her computer. A couple hours of tech support later, she had everything she needed as she requested. Normally, when a friend asks for my help or even a favor, I don’t think too much of it — I just do it. Everyone needs help every now and again, right? She was absolutely adamant about taking me to lunch or dinner to repay me. I resisted and fought back, but she was persistent. I’ve never been too good at letting friends do something nice for me. Honestly, I’m awful at it. I do it because I want to, not so much as to be rewarded.

Note to self: get better at this.

Later world.


We Love Us Not

We all want to hold on.

Yet, the past is hard to let go.

Is the unfortunate thing about living life.

You miss what you once had.

Perhaps, I haven’t just yet.

Closer — almost.

Forgetting isn’t scary when you realize you’re the forgotten. Is life all about missing what we once had?


Did We…

Did we not love?

On island waves and powder sand of no mans land,

Did we not believe?

Two souls wandering alone in the island cove,

Did we not see?

How time was against us like a torment to no end,


Poetry comes more naturally when I have a long day, but find myself completely unable to sleep. Mercy. Please.


Reminders from Death

Today, I found out one of my childhood friends passed away. It’s terrible news in an otherwise unremarkable week. It’s the sore that lingers in the body that is otherwise unharmed — painful, yet only temporary. As I’ve gotten older with each passing year, I get these reminders — unwanted, but infrequent. Somehow, life goes on. Their presence is no longer of this Earth — only the memories of them. Life feels impossibly fragile when faced with loss and the pain losing someone brings.

It’s the second loss this year. Is it appropriate to keep count? My hope is that everyone lives a life of personal fulfillment and happiness. Search for it, hope you find it, and keep looking towards the future.

Rest in peace Vince.