I’m Up / I’m Down

As someone who occasionally finds himself feeling depressed for whatever reasons the magic of the brain brings, the current state of the world doesn’t alleviate those feelings. Rents are high, good paying jobs are rare, and anyone telling you otherwise is full of shit. People my age are getting more anxious and depressed — which is disheartening to read.

I deleted my Facebook the other month and was amazed I had anything representing myself online for so long — 12 years to be exact. I find the platform nothing more than a ad network masquerading as a place for friends and family to reconnect. It’s a relic of the Myspace era only by name with nefarious means used by the corporate elite. I can be called a hypocrite considering a couple years ago I owned Facebook stock.

What does everyone my age do with their free time? There’s work, but after 5 PM, I can’t imagine wanting to turn up with how tiring the day is. Lives run separate and my closest friends are either too busy to do anything social or too broke to have the means to do it. I spend most my day slaving away in front of my computer and would rather not continue that watching TV or whatever hot Netflix show I need to binge on. Hint: I don’t like television. It’s all garbage, but I’m sure many can disagree. It’s not my cup of tea so let’s leave it at that.

In my free time, I have the weirdest of hobbies. I tend to spend inordinate amounts of time looking at stocks and reading on the latest news on market trends. Some call it boring, but it’s something I dare say I’m passionate about. This month alone, I was up 17% and even down far enough into the single digit negatives. It almost feels like a game some days with how the market swings on a single tweet by Trump. I told my coworker the other day I’m broke every month and carry no standing cash in the bank, which seemed to confuse her. On paper, I have assets — just nothing in fiat. There’s a good reason. A few years ago, I realized you can’t spend money if you have none of it in the bank. For that reason, I spend almost all of paycheck purchasing various stocks and real estate to “park” it for safe keeping.

If it works, don’t change it. Right? Later world.



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