Saying Goodbye Or…

Saying goodbye or lack of thereof. My co-worker quit today in a fit of rage. It’s sad to see considering he’s been with the company since it opened. He’s one of the original few when we were nothing more than a garage-like operation masquerading as a full fledged business. He did give his two weeks notice beforehand, but after today’s impromptu meeting with my boss, he left without a single goodbye to anyone and walked out the door.

It sucks. Generally, when I see people come and go, I stop and wonder if there was something I’m not seeing that they had. Almost everything is told to me by all the people that work in our office, but you never know. Things can turn sour real fast and gone are they like the grievances they had.

Bridges were burned and I’ll have to come in early tomorrow to make a backup of this computer before I reset it. I suppose this is just another fact of life. People come and people go — even those you were close to and befriended.

Office life in a nutshell. Here today. Gone tomorrow.

Later world.

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