Critics and Haters

Evidently, my coworkers today made it known they’re not too fond of my goals to move to the next city over and buy a home there. It’s a city of roses as it’s affectionately called by residents and admirers from afar. I love the art, the music, and the history the city has as part of its soul, yet some don’t see it that way.

By their accounts, my goals for the future are more about bragging rights that something centering on intrinsic determination. Somehow, me wanting a better life makes me an outcast. I find it apparent when others voice their dissenting opinions on my future plans, there’s an underlying tone of jealousy and envy associated.

Honestly, life is too short to be preoccupied with the options of others who can’t admire your future goals and ambitions. For every goal within reach, expect someone there to drag you down. That’s the thing about having an audience. Some don’t want you to make it to the other side to catch the feeling of victory or accomplishment.

So be it. By my watch, I’ll own a home in the next few years. Who cares what others may think or assume.

Stay selfish in pursuit of your own life and goals. Later world.

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