Summertime Madness

Summer is upon us and fuck me — it’s hot. Seriously. At this rate, I’ll barely make it to September before passing out. I find the added heat tends to make everyone at the office hostile and angry. Go figure. My thoughts are usually this — if you hate being here so much, then don’t come. Nobody is forcing you to have this job. It would make office life so much easier if everyone who didn’t want to be here just go fuck off already.

End rant.

Besides the madness, life has been going pretty sweet. I’ve caught up with some friends I haven’t heard from for an eternity plus one and got to spend the day with them. It’s times like this that make me wish I could go back in time to a point where we were much closer physically. Life gets in the way. Thankfully, if the effort is there, seeing them after an extended absence isn’t impossible. The best friends are the ones who keep it real — so to speak.

By the end of this month, I’ll have enough to buy a new car. I have my sights on a Volkswagen Golf GTI, but the question is if I decide to buy it now or later. I suppose it doesn’t really matter considering my current car works just fine, but it’s indeed another goal to look forward to. I’m excited. What is this — soon to be my third car in four years?

I’m on a roll. Ha. Get it?

I’ve been keeping up with my group of guy friends less and less it seems. It’s usually the case when I’m seeing someone outside of casual dating and into something more serious. I enjoy the deep conversations the most and getting to share life for all the encounters we’ve had so far. Who knows where this will go or for how long, but for now, I enjoy every minute of it. Summer, I love thee.

Later world.

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