27 Going On 30

There’s just 9 more days to go before half the year is over. I find it frightening how quickly it all seemed to fly by and vanish. Did I autopilot the entire length? Hell no. I have a tendency to believe I got nothing done without really giving the year a hard look. Perhaps it’s my way of not getting too comfortable with myself. After all, how could you aspire to do more without being a little discontent? Life comes at you fast — faster than you can anticipate the impact. Queue dramatic imagery of a car crash.

I’ve been seeing someone, there’s a great opportunity on the horizon for myself, and all the pieces have been magically falling into place. I feel like a million. For all that didn’t go well, I’m glad I remember to stop to smell the roses.

New Goals / Reminders for the Second Half of 2019

  • Save more $$$
    • Kind of a given and my friends tell me I’m the most financially secure of the bunch, but we agree to disagree. I read somewhere you ought to have somewhere around $10K saved up and no debt before moving out. The number sounds arbitrary. Coupled with the fact I picked an expensive city to live in later this year makes this ever more important. I don’t have too many possessions other than several boxes of clothes and a computer and iPhone, but fuck me for wanting to decorate my place with nice furniture. The mid-century modern look is always in.
  • Cook more and eat out less
    • I like nice restaurants, but do I need to indulge? Probably not. A glass or two of wine every date? I’ll let my feelings decide.
  • Keep self-reflecting
    • Stop to smell the roses. Being busy is good, as my Uncle tells me all the time, but getting lost in the daily bustle of work and little leisure is a recipe for disaster. Note to self: do not repeat last October.
  • Keep it real
    • Fuck me for using such low brow vocabulary, but honesty and sincerity needs to remain in the front seat. Be content with myself and history I have with the world and people past and present. Life goes in one direction — forward.
  • Let go
    • Shit happens and will continue to happen so as long as I’m alive and breathing. Let go of all the misfortunes and grievances from the past, present, and future. Don’t hate (anyone). The future waits for nobody.
  • Eye on the prize
    • Everything I’m doing is inching my way up towards buying a home. The thought of having a property to my name and my Grandma there to witness my success keeps me going — like the wick that burns violently towards the dynamite ready to explode any second. Victory is in sight. I don’t like Donald Trump as much as the next guy, but Christ is the stock market doing well.
  • Keep writing daily
    • I’ve accumulated so many journal entries since starting this blog, it feels routine. I think I’ve gotten better at transcribing my inside voice over time. I see no reason to stop and if anything, this can be parts of the book I’m working on. Currently, it’s several hundreds of pages long. Yikes or is it yay?

27 going on 30. What a trip. Later world.

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