Blindly Answer

I consider myself an open book. If this blog I’ve been so meticulously crafting through out the years wasn’t obvious, I don’t have many hesitations to letting it all go public. Some of my private and deepest thoughts have been posted online for all to read. I’m the same way in real life, but it’s not without a huge pitfall I’ve overlooked.

On our way back at night, my best friend was asking about a girl I was seeing. I’ve told him a few details about our dates and meet ups, but something was amiss. He told me bluntly, “just because you have nothing to hide doesn’t mean she has the right to ask you about it.”

It got me thinking. Does someone knowing you’re an open book give them the right to ask you about something personal? Something rather rude? I’m partially to blame for this after all. When does 21 questions lead to being nosey? I’ve been blindly answering without much thought to the other person’s intentions and been completely oblivious.

Well fuck me. Later world.

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