Seriously, Why So Angry?

Is everyone angry these days? The other day I was heading to the gym and made my way to the entrance. I saw in the reflection a woman behind me so naturally, I got the door for her. What followed made no sense.

“I can get the door myself, thank you very much.” She said it with such anger and hostility, it startled me. Call me crazy, but when did the simple act of holding the door for someone become reason to be hostile? Would having the door slam in her face been the better course? This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with this sort of behavior from a random person.

One time, a lady plowed right into me walking at mall and proceeded to scream, “Watch where the fuck you’re going!” I walked away without giving her a response but it’s the rudeness some people exhibit that troubles me. Manners and civility seems to be lacking in the present world. It’s really makes me wonder if some people are walking around with a chip on their shoulder awaiting any kind of reason to be confrontational.

Say it againt so. Later world.

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